Measuring techniques

Can I perform an indirect measurement (Pythagoras) while holding the instrument in my hand?
Yes, but be aware that the result is more of an estimate than an exact measurement. To obtain good results use a tripod. To keep the center of rotation steady, we offer special adapter plates.

Can Leica DISTO™ send an analogue signal?
No. The only way is to use a digital-to-analog converter.

How does the DISTO™ work?
The distance measurement with the Leica DISTO™ is based on the phase measurement principle. The laser diode emits light pulses with a defined wavelength and pulse repetition frequency. Due to the runtime difference between the internal reference path and the external measurement path, the light pulses, reflected on a target and received from the Leica DISTO™, have experienced a phase shift in relation to the light pulses received through the internal reference path. That phase difference between those two signals is proportional to the distance between instrument and target.

How can I measure outdoors with a Leica DISTO™?
There will be no problems with cloudy weather or at twilight. If there is a lot of sun you will not be able to see the laser dot. We therefore recommend for distances up to 15m the use of a laser goggles through which the laser dot will be more visible. You can also use a Leica DISTO™ D5 or D8 with integrated digital pointfinder and 4x magnification, which will make it much easier to measure up to 200m range. With this instrument you don't need to see the laser dot because the crosshairs allow you to see your target.

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