Why Disto?

Reasons You Should Have a Disto

  • Accuracy
    With its advanced laser technology, the Disto series is accurate to at least one sixteenth of an inch, in contrast to the eight of an inch of other laser measuring devices. The newest D330i and D8's are accurate to one millimeter, or 5/127 of an inch. Using a Disto can also reduce the possibility of error that exists for traditional measuring tapes through bends in the tape or misreading or miswriting tape values.
  • Speed
  • With a Disto, you no longer have to lay down one end of the tape measure and walk to the other side of the room to obtain a measurement. It's as simple as pointing and clicking, and with the Disto D330i, you can easily transfer values from the device to a computer with Bluetooth with nothing more than the touch of a button. On average, you can expect to cut down measuring time to a half or a quarter of what it was previously for a residential site. For a list of third-party software programs that integrate with the Disto D330i and D8, please refer to Disto Software.
  • Reduces necessary equipment
    Instead of having to bring a notebook, tape measure, calculator, and writing utensil to a site, all you need is a Disto, and if you prefer, a hand-held computer to which to transfer values using the Bluetooth capabilities of the Disto D330i or D8. The Disto uses built-in formulas to perform calucations and can be operated with one hand, and can even store constantly used offset values.
  • Safety
  • A Disto can cut down on the possibility of injury and inaccessibility at a busy worksite, requiring less manuevering around obstacles, especially in larger areas, than with other measuring tools.
  • Versatility, range, and ease
  • With a range of 100 meters, the Disto D330i has the ability to easily and accurately take difficult measurements, such as ceiling heights and across crowded rooms, that would be time-consuming with a tape measure. The Disto D2, D330, D5, and D8, among others, can take indirect measurements through triangulation. With built-in measuring functions that can calculate the area of non-square rooms, the Disto is suited for rooms of all shapes and sizes. For measuring techniques, please refer to the device's User Manual or the FAQ.
  • Automatic calculation
  • With built-in measuring functions, the Disto eliminates the need for a calculator and guides you through the process of obtaining area and volume measurements of rooms of all shapes and sizes.
  • Checking for parallelity
  • The Disto's constant real-time measurement and display of distances allows you to check how parallel two walls are by measuring the maximum and minimum values between the two parallel walls as you walk from one end of the room to another.
  • Illuminated display
    Unlike tape measures, the Disto makes it easy to read measurements in poorly-lit areas, with a backlit display that is readily visible outdoors at night.