Industry Applications: Architect

After using a Leica Laser Distancemeter for four years, Architect Rainer Dietz from Lindau, Germany, would never swap this valued tool. Today measuring both short and long distances fast and accurately is a “must”. Particularly during renovations, it is essential that measurements are correct at the beginning of construction as later changes would create great problems for tenants. Time is money for all in the construction.

Since 1999, the architecture office of Rainer Dietz has renovated and modernized apartment buildings built during the fifties with over 230 flats. All apartments, stairwells, cellars and attics, as well as the façades, are newly measured and all measurements and material details are written down on the existing old plan on the spot. Later in the office, the data is entered into a CAD program and the current stock plans are prepared in the office.

“Compared with the enormous cost savings, the initial cost of the DISTO hardly comes into the picture. Using the convential methods of measuring (with a tape measure and a metre ruler), two people are needed for just 11/4 standard hours per apartment. However, a saving potential of appoximately 50-60% lies with the measurement of longer distances (façades, cellars, corridors and attics).”

“I see great advantages in using the DISTO laser distancemeter to record detailed measurements in occupied and furnished buildings. Here, I can comfortable measure over and around items of furniture without having to move anything,” said Dietz. For a building with 20 apartments, the Leica DISTO will save him around a total of 30 hours in measuring and recording time.
Petra Ammann

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