Industry Applications: Building Surveyor

AJH Associates is a practice of building surveyors with many years of experience of operating within the private and public sectors. The firm has the experience and capability to offer the complete building and surveying package for building renovation, conver-sion and redevelopment.

Challenge The Bank End Barn project was designed with the local and wider community in mind. The project took an unused derelict barn and restored and renovated it to make a superb education and outdoor activity center with an indoor climbing wall. Before any of this could be achieved the barn had to be drawn up with existing plans and elevations (both internal and external).

For all necessary measurements AJH Associates used a Leica DISTO™ D5.

The initial building footprint was measured using the simple distance measuring function, and the D5's illuminated display screen was highly advantageous as the barn had no electricity and all the windows were blocked up. Once the floor plant was completed it was time to collect more detailed information including:

  • Dimensions of windows
    Low-level windows were measured using standard distance measuring techniques; however this was not possible with the high level windows. To measure the high level windows trigonometric and pythagoras functions were used. The D5 gives the added advantage of having a built in digital pointfinder with 4x zoom and colour display screen, which was very beneficial when measuring the high level windows, as you could easily see what you were aiming at.

  • Height of ridge and eaves
    The Leica TRI100™ tripod was set up externally to the gable of the building, and measurements were taken to determine the height of the ridge and eaves. By taking external window measurements it was possible to relate the height information obtained externally to that obtained internally.

  • Picking up of hay ventilation holes of the gable elevation
    The DISTO™ D5 was mounted on a tripod in the centre of the barn and it was then set to the pythagoras function to enable AJH Associates to initially calculate the positions of the high level openings and then to calculate the heights of openings. This was a very important exercise as it had been decided that the original hay ventilation holes were to be retained, and a glass block inser-ted to give people using the climbing wall something to aim to, and to look through. This gave the added advantage of giving some additional light into the building.

A complete and accurate design of the dilapidated barn was established in a short space of time. Measuring with the conventional tape would have taken us much more time and it would not be as accurate as the measuring with a laser distance meter. For us, it was extremely helpful, that the Leica DISTO™ D5 could do more than just measuring. Additional functions such as Pythagoras and Pointfinder simplified the challenging measuring task.

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