Industry Applications: Painter

“With my new Leica DISTO™ with Bluetooth® data transfer I reduced the amount of time taken by at least 50% compared to my old DISTO™. I can’t understand why any painter would want to continue working with a conventional Laser Distance Meter without Bluetooth® transmission.” (Uli Kaiser)

The Kaiser GmbH painting company in Lindau was established in 1959. Uli Kaiser is now the second generation to manage the prestigious company. The company now has 14 employees and 2 apprentices. Uli Kaiser still works as a regional master craftsman and supervisor of the painting and varnishing guild.

The Challenge
“The invoice can’t be checked! The only way to counter this argument is to have clearly traceable measuring documents. This is particularly important when working with construction and real estate companies or government clients. This takes a great deal of time on large projects. For example, I had 25 DIN A4 pages of measurements on a renovation that I recently carried out. In cases like that it is important to have properly organised measurements so that you can reproduce exactly what was measured when you are back in the office. The measurements are then inserted into the relevant specifications for quotations and invoices. If the measurements are handwritten, mistakes are always possible during reading and transfer.

The Solution
Although I am anything but a computer geek, I have now started to work with the DISTO™ Bluetooth ®. It really is child’s play, and you do not need a great deal of previous knowledge to benefit from the advantages of the device. I transfer the measurements into an Excel spreadsheet that I created myself. I can control the cursor in my Excel spreadsheet on the PDA using the navigation keys on the DISTO™; in other words, I do not have to continually switch between the PDA and the DISTO™ when I am measuring. All of the important additional information can be inserted in the correct location immediately by simply adding a cell. I always measure the entire construction site myself using the DISTO™ and the PDA. The data transfer is not just advant-ageous at the construction site but also in the office, where I save a considerable amount of time because I can quickly copy the measurements into invoices and quotations. Mistakes reading handwriting are a thing of the past. This kind of well-organised measuring documentation is also appreciated by my customers, since the invoices (or quotations) are extremely easy to understand. Working with the PDA also has another useful side-effect: I have disposed of my calendar and notepad, since the PDA is now my most important tool apart from the telephone. I always record appointments and quick notes on the PDA during meetings.

The Result
Measuring at the construction site and processing the measurements in the office are quick and easy – the result is comprehensible measuring documentation within an extremely short time. Bluetooth® transmission resulted in a time reduction of at least 50% compared to my old Laser Distance Meter. The reduction would certainly be at least 70-80% if a folding rule and tape measure were used.

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