Industry Applications: Sign Designer

“The Leica DISTOTM D8 helps me get it right the first time.” (Leeyau Chun Chuan, Design Director)

Pinch Design is a multi-faceted graphic design house who provides creative services in the area of Brand Identity & Communication Design. Pinch Design conceptualizes designs appropriate for branding, and/or logo and brand identity that are unique to the products or services profiled with the aim of raising maximum awareness to achieve the best possible outcomes in targeted markets. For all design services, Pinch Design manages the entire process, from conceptualising to printing, with close supervision to ensure that the best possible result at each stage is attained within stipulated deadlines.

Challenge As an integral part of their work involves the designing of store layouts, in-store product displays as well as the layouts for special events such as product launches, on-site surveys are frequently undertaken by Mr. Leeyau himself. Such surveys demand the mapping out of the space in accurate details to maximise cost savings for his clients. However, taking measurements on site is by no means an easy task. Often they have to be achieved within several constraints such as the presence of permanent fixtures. Time limitation and prohibition of assisting equipment such as ladders and scaffolding, make the measurements of heights a mammoth task. On top of these, the measurements have to be taken without disrupting ongoing activities and causing inconveniences to present occupants at the site. While tape measurements are a challenge for horizontal distances longer than 50m, it’s the vertical heights that pose the greatest headache. Digital pictures together with scaling and measurements were used the past - but not anymore.

With an unyielding determination towards enhancing professionalism to their clients, Pinch Design spares no cost in employing the most advanced measuring equipment in the market today, namely, the Leica DISTOTM D8, to overcome the above-mentioned constraints. Measurements are accurately taken from a distance without the need for much moving about and disrupting ongoing activities. Thanks to the advanced functions provided by its 360° inclination sensor, a wide variety of indirect measurements can also be taken. Moreover, the intelligent functions of its auto-select min/max measurements in the Pythagoras enable general sections to be simply scanned without the need to struggle to keep a steady hand.

In short, the use of the Leica DISTOTM D8 attests to Pinch Design’s ongoing professional commitment to their clients in maximising time and cost savings for them in that the laser distance meter is in line with its objectives of “getting the task done right the first time” without fuss but with accurate and reliable results.

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