Industry Applications: Window Fitter, Glazier

Windows can be measured professionally, accurately and economically with the combination of Leica DISTO™ and Bluetooth® data transfer. Johann Kölbener (from Fenster Dörig AG)

Prestigious Appenzell-based company Fenster Dörig AG has been manufacturing windows in wood and wood/metal since 1952. The company is also an important employer in the region with more than 50 employees. As well as wooden windows, the company has also been manufacturing PVC windows since 1995. A new manufacturing system for windows in wood and wood/metal started up in 2006.

To measure windows with maximum precision, economically and without errors

Measuring with the precise Leica DISTO™ and transfer of data into predefined Excel spreadsheets


  • Extremely accurate measurements with the Leica DISTO™
  • Fewer erroneous measurements and therefore reduced costs
  • Image improvement

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